Training Tips with Karine – 6 Weeks to Go!

With only 6weeks to go until race day, I sat down with Karine Bezuidenhout in the most stunning outdoor office to chat about training tips for these final big weeks leading up to Kruger2Canyon Challenge 2024. I always get so much out of these sessions with Karine and am so grateful to her for sharing her wisdom so generously!

Here is what she has to say:

The next few weeks is time is going to be a heavy training load. Remember this is about paying your respect to the mountain – it demands its pound of flesh! Put in this hard work now (this is for the next 6weeks, it’s not a sustainable long term) and you will reap the rewards on race weekend!

I’ve broken it down below, but the basic idea is Consistency Running – 5 days a week, and building your mileage to include one big, hard week.

Before you panic that this isn’t sustainable, it’s not meant to be! This is a short-term, intense training period leading up to your goal-race. If “life” happens on any given day and a run isn’t feasible, walk around the house, down the road, follow it with some squats in the kitchen while cooking dinner. That still counts!

I’ve also included some tips below for anyone who is panic-training (no judgement – we all do it sometimes!). Little hacks to maximise your training but more importantly, your recovery so that you can get the most out of your sessions and be as ready as possible when you stand on the start line!

6 weeks to go – Med / high mileage

5 weeks to go – High mileage

4 weeks to go – Med / high mileage

3 weeks to go – HIGHEST mileage (ideally equal to or slightly higher than your race mileage)

2 weeks to go – Medium mileage

1 weeks to go – Taper Runs (but keep moving!)

Ideal weekly Training Program at this stage (detail on the program items below):


Consistency run, Strength work


Quality Run – intervals; Mobility


Rest & Mobility, walk


Quality Run / hike


Consistency Run, Strength Work


Consistency Long Run


Shake-out run (I call it my Feel Good Run) & Mobility

Consistency Runs:

Forget about your speed, cadence, calories etc and Just Run!!

At least 1 x Long Run

Quality Run Examples:

Hill run / power hike. Practice for those first 5km up Mariepskop!

Runnable hill repeats

Ladder run (30s, 45s, 1min45, 3min)

Strength Work

Check out the previous Training Tips for strength work exercises. Don’t think you have to do it all though – even if you pick one of these exercises per day, that’s ok!


These are good active stretches for runners to keep the body moving smoothly and improve range of motion. *I use a kettlebell / weight when doing them, but it is not important.

90/90 hip rotations

Sit with knees at 90deg and rotate from one side to the other. Helps improve hip flexibility and movement.

Training tips - hip rotations

Squat & hold

This deep squat helps to extend the range of motion of your knees, hips and ankles, beyond that of a normal squat.

Training tips - Deep squat to increase the mobility of the hips, knees & ankles

Runners’ Lunge

A deep stretch of the hips, hip flexors, groin and hamstring. Hold each position for about 30s, careful not to overstretch (it shouldn’t feel painful). Repeat on both legs.

Training tips - Runner's Lunge to increase mobility of the hips, hip flexors, groin and hamstring.
Panic Training Hacks

Invariably at some stage, we feel we need to “panic train” to get ourselves ready for an event.

It’s easy to over-do it when panic-training, so my most important tips are around Rest & Recovery. This allows to you get the most out of those precious sessions, recover and avoid injury.

These are my Top Tips:

1. Resist the urge for a post-run beer! This doesn’t do your recovery any favours, so first get some electrolytes in, Glutamine (amazing amino acid for muscle recovery) and protein straight after a session.

2. Carbs are your friend before you run!

3. I drink apple cider vinegar in water (1tablespoon per cup water) pre-session for the electrolytes and potential affects of lowering blood sugar levels.

4. Single-leg hopping is great for leg strength! 30 on each leg 

5. Include exercise “snacks” during the day when you step away from your desk / playing with your kids – hopping, mobility activities above, calf-raises and any of the strength activities discussed previously.

6. SLEEP! This is a super-power for recovery. My top tips are no alcohol, screens or food 2hours before bed so that your whole system has time to down-regulate.

There is a lot of info here and it can get overwhelming, so please reach out if you have any questions. But when in doubt, keep it simple!!

For Hoedspruit locals – remember that we have groups going up the mountain every Wednesday & Thursday mornings, so if you are keen to join, either get in touch with Karine. to join one of the whatsapp groups, or if you just arrive, you know there will be others out there

You can visit to find out more about Karine or to book a physio session.

For information about the Kruger2Canyon Challenge 2024, visit

See you in Kampersrus soon!

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